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Hinged Units
Hinged Units
Technical Specifications
Hardwood Sub-Frames

21mm x 45mm Standard
21mm x 62mm Reveal fix
30mm x 30mm Bay Adaptor

Hardwood or PVCU Trims

6mm x 21mm S.B.N.
6mm x 27mm S.B.N.
6mm x 37mm S.B.N.
6mm x 44mm S.B.N.
6mm x 55mm S.B.N.
6mm x 75mm S.B.N.
6mm x 15mm D.B.N.
6mm x 33mm D.B.N.
6mm x 43mm D.B.N.

Aluminum alloy extruded to exclusive Jackson's designs from 6063T6 alloy to BS1474.

Natural anodising to AA5 - BS 3987 Polyester Powder to BS 6496. Stock finishes in EP white/Van Dyke brown. High gloss finish. 60 microns. OtherRAL colours upon request.

In accordance with BS 6206. Choices of 4mm, 6mm Clear Float or toughened, 6.4mm, 6.8mm, 7.5mm Laminates and 6.4mm, 6.8mm, 7.0mm Acoustic Glass.

Weather Pile
Polypropylene draught strip to BS 7386.

All gaskets extruded to BS 2782, standard colour black, white 4mm gasket also available.

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Optional Extras
Carriage Lock
Budget Lock
Restricted Opening Locks
Arched Heads
Gothic Heads
Stacking Units

Can be coupled with other products in the Jackson's range using Jackson's’s exclusive range of interlocks.
Hinged Units:
The Product: How it works:
When it comes to providing an unobtrusive secondary glazing system, the hinged unit provides the most appropriate solution, since there are no transoms or mullions to spoil the view. The reduction in noise, and improvement in thermal insulation, greatly enhances both the living and working environments. The hinged unit can be manufactured in two main types. The single hinged unit opens on a restricting friction stay. Where the application is on a larger scale, the friction stay is replaced with a butt hinge. they have developed and rigorously tested a variety of butt hinges for differing leaf weights. The double hinged unit has been primarily designed to fit in front of larger Windows or French Doors, utilising the same range of hinges.
Hinged Unit Elevation
Single Lift-Out
Single Lift-Out
Hinged Unit Elevation
Single Lift-Out

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Tel: Telephone 01903 415 430  Fax: 020 8333 8202  Email: jacksonswindows@yahoo.co.uk